Chikun/Kajuru: I May Not Be Perfect But I Remain The Best Option, Try Me Before You Judge Me – Ekene Adams

As 2023 draws closer, Philanthropist and Humanitarian, Hon. Ekene Adams Abubakar, has called on the good people of Chikun/Kajuru Constituency to say no to bad governance, so as to enable him rescue the people from backwardness and misfortunes.

Ekene made the call on Sunday in an exclusive interview with News-Port Nigeria. He said he remains the best that the people can trust, noted that his track records are there for everyone to see.

According to him, God has blessed him with everything he needed, expressed that he is only looking for better platform to give it back to the people, not like those who has been in the position of leadership for their own selfish gains.

The humanitarian further disclosed that the 20 years of leadership in Chikun/Kajuru Constituency has no meaningful impact to the people as underdevelopment, poverty, retrogression and pain has been the lifestyle of the people.

“I have used my hard earned money to support you all these years. Why then do you think I will not empower you the more if I become your leader?

“Look at the 20 years of governance in our Constituency, what development or empowerment can you boast of? Are you not tired?

“I may not be the best but you all know that I will do better than what we have on ground now. Stop judging me when you have not tried me. Is this how we will continue forever in the name of sentiments? He asked.

He called on the good people of Chikun/Kajuru Constituency not to follow those who always criticize him because he refused to yield to their selfish demands, but should rather come closer to him; know him better, so as to be able to deliver the people from their pains.

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