We Are No Longer Interested In Your Garri And Rice, Hon Felix Bature Tells Old Politicians

Makera Constituency’s House Of assembly aspirant, Honourable Felix Bature has said that the youth are no longer interested in the crumbs that is usually giving to them by old Politicians.

In an interview on Correct FM, he stated that the youth are fed up with the current situation in the country, adding that the days of collecting stipends to vote for old Politicians is over.

He called on the youth to come out en masse and Support one another in the forthcoming Elections as the youths are the ones in the position to address each other’s needs.

“The rate of unemployment is high in this country. We are sick and tired. They told us to go to school and be successful, but that doesn’t work any longer. It only worked during the days of the same old leaders who enjoyed free meals, free education and were giving jobs upon graduation. Look at the country now, nothing is working. They appear during elections, deceive us with stipends; we vote for them and immediately they win, they disappear. But this time around, we go show them say our mumu don do. We are no longer interested in their Garri and rice, we’ll come out en masse and support one another. These old leaders can not solve our problems, you don’t expect someone who doesn’t feel your pain to address it. That’s why some of us made ourselves available to represent other youths in order to change the status quo. We have been moving around trying to make sure that the youths register to get their PVCs, in order for us to make a loud statement come 2023,” he said.

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