Kaduna Is Not Safe For Me And Other Entertainers – Brayni Adamz

In this interview with Kaduna Political Affairs, fast rising Nigerian artiste, Brayni Adamz stated that the security challenges in Kaduna state has affected the growth of the state’s Entertainment industry.
He added that though the state is known for its social activities, a lot of top entertainers are declining to attend events in the state due to security reasons.

KPA: For the sake of those who don’t know you, let’s start by asking this question, who is Brayni Adamz?

BRAYNI ADAMZ: Brayni Adamz is a music artist, music producer, song writer, sound engineer and also an entrepreneur, who owns a music lebel that runs various Music businesses in Nigeria, with the company named Asele Music.

KPA: What state are you from?

BRAYNI ADAMZ: I am from Kaduna State.

KPA: What inspired you to become an entertainer?

BRAYNI ADAMZ: When I was a kid, i enjoyed the music played in the church. I enjoyed the drummers, the keyboardist and every instrumentalists and most especially the singer who made praises and worship. One day after church service, i picked a gallon, a zinc and a big tin of milk. I got myself two short sticks and i arranged them into a playful drum set. No one taught me how to derive the right sounds from these things but the first day i played them, i made 20 Naira from that. A lady who was passing listened to it and dashed me money, because she enjoyed it. Time to time I kept on playing just by the corner of my home, people will come and i will have my fellow kids try to sing on it too. Sometimes I also sing a song and i play it along with the drum and people around enjoyed it. So i liked it because it was entertaining. I started getting inspired from what I thought was child’s play.
I grew up and remembered my child hood and I see myself having a talent i am supposed to take serious, so i started listening to music more often and then i started writing my own songs.

KPA: Who are your role models?

BRAYNI ADAMZ: Wizkid, Tuface, Wande coal, Dbanj and Psquare. Also when i was a kid, my dad will switch on the radio and there will be Mamman shatta songs playing. Or sometimes the black and white Television and each time i watch or hear how he play the molo and sings, i derive joy from that. So to an extent, he is also role model. And also Aribi Mike maida (Fissha) Pam Monday, Big Willy, Chuck jock and few others.

KPA: If you are to pick one out of those you’ve mentioned, who is the person you’ll choose to collaborate with ?

BRAYNI ADAMZ: It will be WIZKID. I like him a lot.

KPA: Aside the industry Giants, is there a Kaduna artiste you haven’t worked with that you’d like to do so?

BRAYNI ADAMZ: Yes. BUZU to be precise. He is my favourite in kaduna. He also inspired me with some of his hit songs.

KPA: What’s the current status of the Kaduna Entertainment industry?

BRAYNI ADAMZ: The good side is that we have good entertainers that are doing everything possible to put the city on the map. I pray they don’t loose hope some day and give up due to the challenges. The industry is weak because Kaduna industry don’t have enough support and sponsorship from individuals, Government, companies and brands that can possibly pump money to help boost entertainment like the Lagos industry. A lot of people still do not believe kaduna can meet up with the Lagos industry. All focus is on Lagos forgetting many Lagos artist started from Kaduna. Before Wizkid super star album, he was in kaduna where he first met Big Mo in barnawa and big mo handed him over to M.I where they jump on a track in M.I’s album, (FAST MONEY FAST CARS) then M.I handed him over to Banky W where he signed to E.M.E and his fame began there. Skalez also started in Kaduna. Reminisce, Praize, Ckay and the list goes on. But the problem is most of these artistes are not indigenes of Kaduna state so they easily forget Kaduna as their starting point when they get to the top. So I think we also need an indigene of Kaduna state who will be among the top Nigerian entertainers so that he’ll bring investors to invest in our local industry. I know about Jo-el, yes he is from Kaduna state but he is still not as strong as others in Lagos. So we need that one person that will bring Kaduna out completely. The challenge is that we lack support and sponsorship and that is what the Lagos industry is fully blessed with. There are good and dope artistes in Kaduna and I don’t think it will be a waste of support and sponsorship if good things starts to hit the industry.

KPA: Do you intend to move to Lagos?

BRAYNI ADAMZ: Not really. It depends tho. I wouldn’t want to totally move to Lagos but I can always visit Lagos for the Music business. Unless I have a direct record deal in Lagos then moving to Lagos will definitely be a must but for now, Is not really a must that all entertainers must live in Lagos in order to be big. The Entertainment business is booming in Lagos and like i said, we need support and sponsors from both government, individuals and brands to help boost the Music industry in Kaduna so we can as well have a Lagos in Kaduna state. This will help the North and the Middle belt to have a market place where they can easily sell out their music and talents because Kaduna is a strong place in this region. With that, our own entertainers will have no need to travel everytime to Lagos seeking for fame. We can do that here and we can also build our own so we can sign Lagos artistes and do the same business in the entertainment like they do. Instead of going to Lagos to become a star, why don’t we build a lot of Lagos around Nigeria so our country can keep being more stronger in the African entertainment market. Is a competition now and other African countries won’t mind having the same opportunity Nigeria is having in the international music scene. But the problem is that we only have Lagos doing everything. So if Lagos falls which we don’t pray for, it will affect every entertainer because this means we will loose the no.1 rank in African Entertainment. So i advice that other places should be as well supported and sponsored so we will have a wider range of entertainment and also other artistes like us will not need to move to Lagos.

KPA: Do you think the security challenges in Kaduna has affected the growth of the entertainment industry in the state?

BRAYNI ADAMZ: The security situation in Kaduna did not only woefully affected the growing entertainment industry in Kaduna but it has affected everything in the state. Life and properties, Politics, businesses and the list goes on. Talking about entertainment when it comes to this security issues, it really affected it badly because Kaduna is known to be a social place where many artistes and entertainers are from. You can call Kaduna the second Lagos when it comes to entertainment. Popular artistes like Skales, Reminice, CKay and big producers like Napji, who produced Davido (Jowo) in the Better Time Album & London who also Produced (Gyrate) for Wizkid in the Made In Lagos album & also the recent Big Brother Naija winner, White Money all Started from Kaduna State. The story is also the same with me. I am from Kaduna State, a native of southern kaduna, Jaba to be precise. I started my music career around 2003 and I have been grinding hard to appear into the lime light. Kaduna has been blessed all these years and I have a lot of love from my fans who love my songs and my work. As an artist and a Music Producer from Kaduna, no matter where I go to perform or produce other artistes around the globe, I will always come back to Kaduna because home is home. Is not news that the issue of kidnapping, attacks and banditry in Kaduna has become a very big problem. I have been away from home for sometime now due to entertainment hook ups and more. While I am away, i have heard of many issues of attacks, kidnappings and killings withing kaduna and also Kaduna/Abuja high way. This is festive period and I have been receiving calls and messages about events that people will like me to make appearances. This happens normally where we all come back home to celebrate with kaduna people and have them to remember we are from Kaduna. Sometimes in the past, other big celebrities are invited, like Burna Boy, 9nice, Skales and many more to come and be a part of our events. But these days, they all turn us down because the environment in Kaduna is no more safe for them due to high rate of kidnappings and Banditry. Am a big name in Kaduna and am becoming a big name also in Nigeria at large, my career is very important to me because i will not allow myself to loose everything I have worked for all these years. With the issue of kidnappings, killings, terrorism and banditry, i don’t think Kaduna is safe for me and other entertainers this period. We all want to come and and have a good time with our people just as we’ve been giving good times and good performances to other people else where in Nigeria. I urge the federal Government and especially the state government, Governor of the state His excellency Mallam Nasir Elrufai to put more effort, listen to to good ideas and work toward this issue. The issue of security is not only in Kaduna but is a big problem also in various parts of Nigeria. But right now Kaduna is is one among the most popular states facing insecurity. We need the federal government to also help and put more efforts so as to curb this very situation for the safety of the people in order to make Nigeria great again.

KPA: What message do you have for your supporters?

BRAYNI ADAMZ: Well, i appreciate everyone supporting my movement. Their support makes me stronger. I will continue to learn from those who are ahead of me in order to keep giving my supporters what they’ll like. They showed me love when I released my still trending EP God&Me. They are the wings I truly rely on to keep flying. Supporters and sponsors will never be enough for an artist so I need more of them in my career. Hoping and praying I will be discovered by alot of supporters and sponsors. I have more plans for my career and I have bigger dreams. I appreciate everyone supporting me right now. Kindly follow me on Facebook:@BrayniAdamz Twitter:@BrayniAdamz Tiktok:@BrayniAdamz
IG:@Brayniadamz_official. God bless you.

KPA: Thank you for your time. We wish you all the best in your endeavors.

BRAYNI ADAMZ: You are welcome and I wish you the same KPA. Thank you very much.

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