OPINION: I Am Not From Kaduna North, But I Must Confess That The Future Is Bright With Someone Like Baloni, By Dr Labbo

During our struggle for tuition fee increment, we met with a stakeholder in the state, a well respected gentle man who always wish this state the best.
Hon. Muktar Baloni promised us that if he emerge as LGA chairman, he will give Kaduna North students scholarship to support their education, which he recently delivered. In attendance at the meeting were Hon. Abubakar Buba Lere (Chairman Lere Local Government) and Hon. Cafra Caino (Former Chairman of Kajuru LGA), we pray that Hon. Buba of Lere will do thesame insha Allah.

I knew Hon. Cafra, so i didn’t have any doubt in his capacity. I didn’t know Baloni, neither have i met him one on one prior to that meeting, but my first encounter with him left with me the kind of capacity, dedication, focus and politically oriented person Kaduna North LG will have as chairman. He thinks excellently and talk maturely.

One other thing with him is, he will tell you the true state of things with facts and figures. He is very intelligent and friendly, you will know that only if you interact with him. I must congratulate the people of Kaduna North for having someone like Baloni as their chairman.

On the other hand, When some “people” were agitating that I must be rusticated from University few weeks to my graduation, these LGA chairmen (Buba, Baloni and Cafra) reached out to some personalities including the vice Chancellor of KASU to ensure that I was saved, between man and God none of them told me about it, but a friend that knew it told me. (This in particular have placed these people in a special place in my heart).

I am not from Kaduna North, but the future is bright with someone like Baloni.

I wish ( Hon. Baloni) God’s guidance in discharging his duties.

Thank you.

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