OPINION: RE: Quit Playing With Our Intelligence, We Are Not Dumb Like You”, By Dogara Caesar

Dear Dr. John Danfulani, first i must commend you for always earing your views and your opinion on issues of Southern Kaduna, our dear state, as well as national and global issues. There is no doubt that your vast wealth of knowledge in the science of politics (Academically) might’ve influenced myself and like-minds in one way or another. It will interest you to know that I’ve been one of your faithful students outside the classroom. I have been following your activities and notes via your social media handles. This is simply because I believe we share same idealism -so just like you, I am also a part of the communion.
It will also interest you to know that I have read every single page of your book titled; “The Making of a Southern Kaduna Senator”. A book that was designed to showcase the role you played and your immense contributions in the emergence of a former Southern Kaduna Senator (2011-2015), the issues that followed and the end game of course.

Sir, this is only to let you know that I have always been a friend and I am still a friend who is only here to set the records straight.
Following your recent note titled; “Quit Playing with Our Intelligence, We are not Dumb like you”, you emphatically questioned the authenticity of the figures in terms of jobs that’s been offered to constituents of Southern Kaduna. Well, these are all on record for the records -and obviously, all these were never intended for political credits.
Again, you accused the representative of the Southern Kaduna People at the National Assembly of only giving speeches in scenes of disasters and funerals to justify his mission for 2023. Indeed you are not exactly right because the man in question never spent the last seven years representing the people from his comfort at the Nation’s capital. He has been going round commemorating with the people and giving them hope on security by establishing native security guards and supplying them with patrol vehicles and more; He’s been busy empowering the youth, women and even giving hundreds of jobs to his constituents; He’s been attracting and facilitating the establishment of major educational institutions; He consistently speaks out on the floor of the red chambers and also several mediums for the world to hear about the issues in Southern Kaduna.

Doc, what else is required of Shettima?
Bringing this note to a close, I wish to clearly state that as loyal party men and women, we’ve got no time to downplay other aspirants or to begin the game of throwing stones just because we are not aligned with one aspirant or the other. Indeed, the electorates gets to have the final say on the ballot. More so, there are no regrets as far as 2015, 2019 is concerned and truly, 2023 will be decided by the people of Southern Kaduna.
On a final note Sir, “The Making of a Southern Kaduna Senator” doesn’t apply here. I wish you well Sir. Asante Sanaa!

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