Moments From The Just Concluded “Talk On Table” With SJ Wakili

The “Talk On Table With SJ Wakili”, A Micro Level Quota To National Development which took place in Kaduna State University witnessed the presence of personalities across board.

The event which was organized by a 22 years old 400 level student of Kaduna State University, was aimed at teaching the students of the institution the ideal path to governance.

In an interview with KADUNA POLITICAL AFFAIRS, the convener, Shedrack John Wakili explained the motive behind the Initiative. He said, “When you look closely, or maybe not even closely. Judging from afar, you’ll tell that the Nigerian socio-economic and socio-political corridors are filled with ups and downs, things going haywire and the nation is tupsy-turvy. And so I thought to myself, as a sociology student that i am, why can I not do something to remedy this, no matter how little. I spoke to few persons who are of like minds and we got to work. I drew out a proposal, submitted to the professor Terhemba the dean, he reviewed it, recommended it to his deputy. And that was how the vision was sold and the initiative acted upon. So I’ll say, there are a lot of inspirations to this, but one that stands is because of my discipline. We as Sociologists believe we are the engineers of the society, and just like an automobile engineer knows where to touch to fix a vehicle, a Sociologists knows what to do to help fix the society. I know Nigeria gives very attention to this course, but honestly speaking, this is the time we begin to acknowledge it, now that we and ours are going down the drail.”

In attendance were the dean of studies, Good Shepherd major seminary, Fr Odafe, the dean of students affairs, KASU, Professor Terhemba Wuam, the deputy dean of students affairs, KASU, Dr MK Dauda, the National secretary, Adara Development Association, mr Danjuma Makeri, Speaker and trainer, Mr Nalado Enoch, the National Coordinator, Youth Political Affairs, Mr David Hycient, Lawn ambassador, Miss Zichat Martha Dominic and Honourable Felix Bature, aspirant, Kaduna State House of assembly, Makera Constituency.

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