SOKAPU Youth Wing Cautions Southern Kaduna Youths Against Campaign Of Calumny

The youth wing of the Southern Kaduna Peoples Union (SOKAPU) in a statement signed by its National Youth Leader, comrade John Isaac, Made available to KADUNA POLITICAL AFFAIRS on Wednesday, said it has continue to observed with sadness the manner with which the youths across all political parties and camps in the region have in recent times resulted in name calling and deliberately engaging in campaigns of calumny against aspirants, supporters and party faithful alike.

The statement noted that while the youth wing has and will continue to encourage youths to be politically active, it will however not promote political incivility, parochial and primordial political engagements as being demonstrated at the moment by their youths in the course of promoting their preferred candidates.

‘The youth wing is therefore calling for restrain amongst the youths as it is imperative for all youths to understand that all those whom have declared interest in vying for elective positions across the region have done so with the noblest intentions and should be encourage to stand firm in pursuit of their aspirations”, the statement added.

“It is also important for the youths to know that as political commentators every single individual youth is entitled to an opinion and such opinions are entitled to be respected this is because no one individual has monopoly of opinions,” says the statement.

“It is to this end necessary to urge the youths to exercise some degree of caution and civility as they promote their preferred candidates ahead of the forth coming elections without having to smear any other candidates,” it added.

“Lastly, We are calling on the Youths to endeavor to register in the ongoing INEC online voters card registration in order to vote for their preferred candidates come 2023,” it says.

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