2023: Pastor Azzaman Urges Christians To Vote Christian Aspirants

The leading pastor of The King Worship Chapel and Ministry, Inc. Kaduna, Pastor David Ayuba Azzaman has called on Christian faithfuls to vote in favour of Christian Aspirants in the forthcoming elections.

While delivering a message titled “Overcoming the power of the grave,” the Kaduna based pastor said Christians need to be intentional while choosing Leaders.

He added that just like the Muslims take it upon themselves to make sure that members of their religion are voted into power, the Christians should also make it an agenda to see that their fellow Christians are voted.

“Christians must learn to Participate in political activities. It is high time for us to encourage our people to be intentional when voting leaders. The Muslims do not take it for granted, i see no reason why we should. Some of you said Peter Obi doesn’t have a structure, what is the structure? Is it not you and i? If we all come together and Support Peter Obi, he’ll Emerge victorious. Since the Muslims are being intentional when choosing leaders, it’s high time for us to also follow suit. Yesterday a lady called me and said Pastor Azzaman, I called a Pastor and I asked for his views about the Politics in Nigeria and Kaduna, what he told me was that he doesn’t involve himself in Politics, so he has nothing to say about that. I said to the lady until Politics stops him from going to Church maybe that’s when he will realise that he has to involve himself in Politics. Christians in Nigeria are just sheeps without a Shepherd. Christian Association of Nigeria (CAN), was created to unite Christians but the Christians don’t even trust them. Other Christian bodies are Silent most times when matters of national interest are discussed. But on the other side you will hear the JNI, SCIA, MURIC , IZALATUL BIDIA SUNNAH being very vocal. They don’t care if we hear their agendas or not. But Christians, all our discussions ends up in our Parlours and bedrooms, if it gets to the Church, it ends there. These Muslim organizations most times will summon the Muslim Politicians for a meeting to pass Instructions to them and they will gladly carry out the Instructions. Let a Pastor call any Politician for a meeting, the first thing that’ll come to his mind is that the Pastor is looking for money. They don’t attend such meetings. Christian Politicians sees Pastors only when they are looking for the office, for prayers, but Immediately they get the office you will never see them. Whereas you will see a moderate Muslim becoming a fanatic whenever he gets a Political office because he has a Mallam that’s giving him Spiritual guidance. We all saw what happened in the PDP Primaries, we thought the Christians in APC will learn a lesson but they didn’t. Everybody saw Nyesom Wike as the favourite, with Aminu Tambuwal who he gave N500m to his state recently on his side but at the last minute, Aminu Tambuwal stepped down to support the Muslim Ummah as directed by World Muslim League. In the end, Tambuwal became a hero in Northern Nigeria. All the mosques were praising him for his heroic act. Somebody posted that only 30% of South East delegates voted for their own Pius Anyim from the South East, 50% of them voted for Atiku, because of money. Most of the money the Muslims raise is to pay Christian delegates because a Muslim delegate, with or without money will not vote a Christian. But give a Christian delegate some Dollars to deny Jesus Christ, to him it’s an answered prayer. Poverty and Corruption have penetrated the Church beyond what you can Imagine. Majority of those that stepped down for Tinubu are the Christians. I remember during a Governorship Primary Election in Kaduna in 2019 where only one Christian came out but about 10 muslims contested. The Christian only got 2 votes. And Somebody who understands the whole thing, a Muslim, came to my Inbox and said Pastor Azzaman is that how you people don’t like each other? How on Earth the only Christian got 2 votes with over 200 Delegates that are Christians? The Muslim was very sad. And that’s the scenerio not only in Kaduna State but the entire federation. You will see a Christian doing everything for his Political Party whereas a Muslim will do everything for Islam. A Muslim will always vote Candidates but a Christian will always vote Political Party. Christians vote for political Parties but Muslim vote the Candidate when he is a Muslim. They don’t care if the Muslim wins or losses the Election, they will vote their Muslim Brother. If a Christian who is bold enough comes out to take up the challenge, it’s the same Christians that will pull him down. It’s the same Christians that are now saying Peter Obi doesn’t have structures. Christians are always at the complaining side, nobody complains like us. We are never proactive. No plans for anything, wherever the wind blows we blow with the wind. Wind of PDP and Wind of APC, wherever it blows we go with it. We have to eliminate greed and tribalism.The Bible says when we are in Christ we are one. Not Igbo, not Yoruba, not Hausa, we are Christians. As Christians we are supposed to be people of Faith and not People of disbelieve. In Christianity when you believe, you will see and not when you see you believe. What is this nonsense I am hearing about Peter Obi not having structures. What is the structure ? Is the structure not you that is saying he doesn’t have structures? If World Muslim League didn’t hide it when they said all Muslims should make sure Muslims take over all the Major Political Parties in Nigeria, don’t tell me to hide it. We should do all we can to support him. We have enough time to do that, preach it in your Churches because they preach it in their mosques. They even warn their People fiercely; if you don’t support a Muslim they will come after you. Speak about Peter Obi wherever you can and most importantly get your PVCs. I want to appeal to the Igbos in Lagos, don’t relent to get your PVCs, it’s your right, if you believe in one NIgeria. Please stop this pulling him down syndrome. A Muslim will tell a fellow Muslim Allah ya ba da Sa’a but a Christian will tell a fellow Christian don’t mind him, he is not going anywhere; why Christians? We need Christians who are born again, who have passion for Christianity to show interest in Politics. I understand that most of the “Christians” in Politics belongs to one Occult or the the other. That’s why I believe they don’t care if Christianity folds in Nigeria. Compared to some Muslim Politicians who belong to the same cults with them but don’t joke with Islam. I pray In the mighty name of Jesus, any Christian that vote for those people sponsoring Fulani terrorists to kill us in Nigeria, hear me and hear me well, then i will curse you, i will curse you, i will curse you, in Jesus Christ Glorified Name,” he said.

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