Party Faithful Petitions APC, Wants Jema’a/Sanga House Of Reps Aspirant, Hon Anto Usman To Be Investigated For Purchasing Nomination Form Despite Being Suspended

Comrade David Adams has petitioned the leadership of the All Progressives Congress, APC, to investigate Hon. Anto Usman, an aspirant vying for Jema’a/Sanga Federal House Of Representatives seat, for purchasing the party’s nomination and intent form despite being suspended.

In a letter sent to KADUNA POLITICAL AFFAIRS, comrade David accused Honourable Anto of conspiring with members of the People’s Democratic Party to deny the APC a hard fought victory in the councilorship elections for Ninzo West Ward, in the recently concluded Local Government Elections.

The letter reads, “I write this to draw the attention of the leadership of our great party the All Progressives Congress (APC) on the existing suspension of an Aspirant of House Of Representatives Jema’a/Sanga Federal Constituency, in the person of Mr. Anto Usman whom despite having been suspended by the party leadership of his ward, Ninzo west, he went ahead to purchase the nomination and intent form for the position of House Of Representatives, undermining the Party’s supremacy and exhibiting deliberate disregard for the party’s constituted authority.”

“In the interest of our party I suggest a thorough and immediate investigation into the subject matter, to ascertain the eligibility of Mr. Anto Usman to contest for the aforementioned position under the banner of our great party while still on suspension. It will be a disservice to our dear party on the basis of illegality if a person with such sanction is allowed to contest in the primary elections of our party, it will be synonymous to deliberately positioning the party to lose the contest for the seat of House Of Representatives Jema’a/Sanga Federal Constituency, as any victory at the polls would most likely be overturned in favor of the opposition when challenged in court, as it is a public knowledge, how the opposition are scheming and bragging that if Mr. Anto Usman emerges the flag bearer it is an automatic win for the Peoples Democratic party in the general elections come 2023.”

“A person with such antecedence and history of conspiring with the opposition People’s Democratic Party to deny our dear party a hard fought victory in the councilorship elections for Ninzo West Ward in the recently concluded Local Government Elections, he lacks the moral grounds to contest under our dear party APC if party loyalty is a subject for consideration. Attached with this letter is the copy of suspension letter given to Mr. Anto Usman, after due investigation with the party executives of the said ward, this sanction is still in effect.”

“It is my hope and belief that the leadership of this great party will look into this matter and take decisive actions for the interest and progress of our dear party in Kaduna State and Nigeria as a whole. Thanks.”


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